Hoffman Falls Wind

A new era for wind energy in Central New York

Office of Renewable Energy Siting 94-c Permit Application

Hoffman Falls Wind Permit Application Document Matter Master available here.

Application Materials

Pre-Application Public Notices

Application Table of Contents

Exhibit 1: General Requirements

Exhibit 2: Overview and Public Involvement

Exhibit 3: Location of Facilities and Surrounding Land Use

Exhibit 4: Real Property

Exhibit 5: Design Drawings

Exhibit 6: Public Health, Safety and Security

Exhibit 7: Noise and Vibration

Exhibit 8: Visual Impacts

Exhibit 9: Cultural Resources

Exhibit 10: Geology, Seismology and Soils

Exhibit 11: Terrestrial Ecology

Exhibit 12: NYS Threatened or Endangered Species

Exhibit 13: Water Resources and Aquatic Ecology

Exhibit 14: Wetlands

Exhibit 15: Agricultural Resources

Exhibit 16: Effect on Transportation

Exhibit 17: Consistency with Energy Planning Objectives

Exhibit 18: Socioeconomic Effects

Exhibit 19: Environmental Justice

Exhibit 20: Effect on Communications

Exhibit 21: Electric System Effects and Interconnection

Exhibit 22: Electric and Magnetic Fields

Exhibit 23: Site Restoration and Decommissioning

Exhibit 24: Local Laws and Ordinances

Exhibit 25: Other Permits and Approvals

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