Agricola Wind

“Agricultural” in Italian, Agricola will harvest clean energy from Cayuga County to power homes around NY

Project Details







Community Investment

Agricola Wind offers significant financial contributions to critical local budgets

Host Community Benefit Payments

paid annually to Town governments through a Host Community Benefit Agreement, in additional to monthly utility bill rebates for Town residents


PILOT Payments

shared annually between Towns, the Cayuga County IDA, and the Southern Cayuga School District


Lease Payments

paid annually to local landowners participating in the Project


Shared Community Payment Program

additional annual payments made to Project neighbors

Project Timeline

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    2020-2025: Development

    Development activities include community engagement, land leasing, wind resource assessments, environmental studies, interconnection studies, New York State Section 94-C permit process, and local permitting.

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    2026-2027: Construction

    Construction activities will take approximately 18 months.

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    2027-2052+: Operations

    Post-construction monitoring for wildlife, sound, and other environmental compliance measures will continue for 2 years. The project will have an operational lifespan of at least 25 years.

Project Resources


Project Consultation Map

Proposed turbine locations are still being finalized and are subject to change during the environmental permitting process. This map shows a rough outline of the project boundary, including properties that may host turbines or other infrastructure in the future as well as properties that will not.


Frequently Asked Questions

Developed from real questions we received from local residents, these frequently asked questions and answers provide more detail on the proposed project.

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