Agricola Wind

“Agricultural” in Italian, Agricola will harvest clean energy from Cayuga County to power homes around NY

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Spring 2022: 2nd Open House Summary

Thank you to everyone who joined Liberty Renewables for our 2nd Open House Event for Agricola Wind!

Roughly 50 members of the community attended, including project landowners, project neighbors, and local government representatives. Frequently asked questions covered topics such as noise, permitting, visual impacts, and economic benefits. Liberty hopes to host another event later in 2022 or early in 2023, at which point we will have a draft project layout to share.

If you were unable to attend the event, please find links to the materials shared below. You can also reach out with any questions or concerns, we’d love to hear from you!

Molly Dunton
Project Developer

Liberty Materials

Agricola Wind 2nd Open House Posters & Visuals

Agricola Wind Community Engagement Summary

3rd-party Fact Sheets

NYSERDA – Accelerated Renewable Energy Growth and Community Benefit Act For Local Governments

Americans for Clean Power – Renewable Energy Facility Decommissioning: Industry Recommendations

Americans for Clean Power – Wildlife and Windpower

Center for Rural Affairs – Wind Energy and Property Values

Spring 2022: You're Invited!

Liberty Renewables is hosting its 2nd Open House event for the Agricola Wind project. Come meet the Liberty team and learn more about community financial benefits, environmental permitting, and visual simulations.

WHEN: Tuesday, March 1st 2022 from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
WHERE: Scipio Center Fire House (3550 NY-34, Scipio Center, NY 13147)
WHO: Event is open to the public

Please reach out with any questions or concerns, we’d love to hear from you!

Molly Dunton
Project Developer

Download event postcard

Fall 2021: Open House Summary

On Monday, July 19th, Liberty hosted the first public open house for the Agricola Wind project. Below you can find a short summary of the event, as well as links to the materials shared.

  • Roughly 60 people attended, and the feedback received was primarily positive.
  • Liberty Renewables had 9 staff and consultants present who could speak to different aspects of the project:
    • Molly Dunton, Project Developer, Liberty Renewables
    • Augusta Mead, Jr. Project Developer, Liberty Renewables
    • Toni Secreti, Project Coordinator, Liberty Renewables
    • Diana Rood, Senior Land Agent, CanAcre
    • Greg Liberman, Associate Principal, Environmental Services
    • Andrew Roblee, Project Architectural Historian
    • Erica Tauzer, Project Manager, Community Planning
    • Meg Lee, Senior Environmental Analyst, EDR
    • Chris Hoyt, Project Scientist, Epsilon Associates (Noise & Shadow Flicker Analysis)
  • Common questions from residents included:
    • Where exactly will the turbines be located?
      • Liberty has proposed turbine locations, but is still working to finalize these locations as we work through our environmental permit application. A draft site layout with these locations will be shared as soon as possible.
    • What is the land use impact of the project?
      • Each turbine will require roughly 1 acre of land at the base of the tower, as well as an additional .5 – 1 acre of land for other infrastructure such as access roads and collection (i.e. power) lines. Liberty estimates about 50 acres of land will be required for Agricola once construction is completed. Existing roads will be used wherever possible, and all collection lines will be buried at least 4 feet deep.
    • What will be the impact to local airports?
      • Liberty has begun engaging the Federal Aviation Administration around mandatory assessments and other compliance measures. The locations of both public and private airports and airstrips will be integrated into the project design, and other adjustments will be made as necessary to protect the interests of local pilots. We encourage pilots and airstrip owners to reach out to us with questions or concerns.
    • How will this project impact my property values?
      • After years of study by the federal government as well as universities, no negative net impact of the construction of wind turbines has been determined on property values of homes in close proximity.
    • Is my land suitable for a turbine?
      • Liberty staff are always willing to research the viability of individual properties for potential turbines or other infrastructure. If you are interested in participating in Agricola Wind, please reach out!
  • Other feedback on the project included:
    • Expand consultation radius to include more households in this primarily agricultural area
    • Improve project-specific branding to distinguish Agricola from other wind and solar projects in development in Cayuga County
    • Host another Open House when draft site layout is ready to be shared

We want to thank everyone who came out! Feedback from communities like yours helps us improve our projects. Please stay tuned for more information on opportunities to engage with our staff, and don’t hesitate to reach out using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Poster: Agricola Wind

Poster: About Liberty

Poster: NY State 94-c Permit Process

Poster: NY State Noise Regulations

Handout: Agricola Permitting Process

Summer 2021: You're Invited!

We are in the early stages of developing a new project in Cayuga County and want to connect with you. Liberty staff and regional experts will be available during the event to provide information, answer your questions and address any concerns. Food, drink, and materials to be provided. We hope to see you there!

WHEN: Monday July 19th, 2021 from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
WHERE: Fillmore Glen State Park (1686 NY-38, Moravia, NY 13118)
WHO: Residents of all ages from Venice, Scipio and Moravia are welcome

Please reach out with any questions or concerns, we’d love to hear from you!

Molly Dunton
Project Developer

Download event flyer

Spring 2021: 1st Project Newsletter

The first project newsletter for Agricola Wind is now available:

Download Agricola Wind Project Newsletter (June 2021)

Community Investment

Agricola Wind offers significant financial contributions to critical local budgets

Host Community Benefit Payments

paid annually to Town governments through a Host Community Benefit Agreement, in additional to monthly utility bill rebates for Town residents


PILOT Payments

shared annually between Towns, the Cayuga County IDA, and the Southern Cayuga School District


Lease Payments

paid annually to local landowners participating in the Project


Shared Community Payment Program

additional annual payments made to Project neighbors

Project Timeline

  • null

    2020-2023: Development

    Development activities include community engagement, land leasing, wind resource assessments, environmental studies, interconnection studies, New York State Section 94-C permit process, and local permitting.

  • null

    2024-2025: Construction

    Construction activities will take approximately 18 months.

  • null

    2026-2051+: Operations

    Post-construction monitoring for wildlife, sound, and other environmental compliance measures will continue for 2 years. The project will have an operational lifespan of at least 25 years.

Project Resources


Project Consultation Map

Proposed turbine locations are still being finalized and are subject to change during the environmental permitting process. This map shows a rough outline of the project boundary, including properties that may host turbines or other infrastructure in the future as well as properties that will not.


Frequently Asked Questions

Developed from real questions we received from local residents, these frequently asked questions and answers provide more detail on the proposed project.

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We’d love to hear from you!

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Development Manager